"Katy Shayne’s photographs feel a bit like the childhood scrapbook of David Lynch, emphasizing on the grotesque with a pretty major dash of female identity. Smashing innocence with vulgarity, and at times, even horror, Shayne creates her own unique genre of photography—"

-  Maddie Maschger, Juxtapoz Magazine


Katy Shayne is an internationally published female artist from Austin, Texas with a bachelor's degree in Photocommunications from St. Edward's University. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles exploring the many wonderful realms of image-making. 


Client List:  H Lorenzo, Mona Moore, Forty Five Ten, 4510six, Nancy Stella Soto, Darner, Clergerie, Miranda Bennett, Vada, Luda Khanlari, Mâcconais, Vōx, Giaconni  

Publications:  Cultured Mag, Garage, Vogue, Elle, WWD, C-41, VSCO Academy, Bare Journal, Der Greif, Teeth Mag, Kaltblut, Juxtapoz, Ladygunn, Twelv Mag, Monrowe, Hype Beast, Highsnobiety, Sukeban Magazine, Generation Z